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April 27th, 2017, 2:28 pm

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Thanks for Reading! Sorry to disappoint you if you were looking forward to the next update. New pages will be up soon, I promise. I've been busy and sick and all sorts of stuff but I also had some things to think about.

So when I started this comic I had no idea it would take me so long. Part of why I wanted to release a sketch version of this comic is because I wanted to finish telling this story before I was too old or bored or dead to finish it. I also didn't want to have readers waiting forever for updates (even though sometimes you still had to anyway sorry!)

So at the time I started releasing the sketch pages I decided to split up the comic for various reasons, the biggest being that I wanted to work on coloring pages simultaneously so I figured it would be better to have a separate comic for the color pages to be updated to. I also didn't want to put sketch pages alongside the colored pages because it would look disappointing (and in fact on Tapastic, where I kept it all in one comic together, I had some people complain about the sudden change) In hindsight that was not the greatest idea because I basically split up the readers and didn't have much time to color the pages anyway and now no one reads the original comic anymore.

Now I have another problem because I really want to start coloring the pages again, especially chapter 16, but the problem is I can't really put the color pages here because that defeats the whole purpose of my first decision of splitting it up. This is literally supposed to just be the sketch version (even though I did color chapter covers).

Therefore I've decided to upload the next chapter back at the original version of the comic and readers will just have to be directed to read the chapters between 9 and 16 over here and continue 16 to 20 there. (I'm projecting to 20 but it my be more or less till the end)

This creates another problem because now basically this comic will become defunct and I'm gonna lose readers in the process again. I'd really like to just merge the comics but I don't want to lose everyone's great comments and feedback so I'm going to leave this comic as is. Well that's basically what I wanted to say.

TL;DR: I am going to be updating the original comic from this point on so you probably won't see anymore updates here.

As always, thank you for reading!
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I'm happy for updates wherever they show up!
i will follow this comic any where it goes ;)
Love them boots especially with those leather pants!!
color pages means more time for page. Idk which i like for now. I just need your pages ><
Thanks for continuing All i can say is thank u for continuing the story! the sketches may not have been ideal, but none the less great to follow the story. also i am happy u continued the story regardless of how u continued, color or sketch. I am very happy that u chose to continue in color. I am a fan of your work meaning, the story and your art. So thank you for keeping it going. I am dying for Hayden to find out Mars is his ziopan.

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