Chapter 9: Page 29


February 11th, 2015, 8:00 pm

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She's gonna tell him! :O
:D yay~ Do we finally get to know?!!!
I'm think she's gonna ask him more on the lines of:
"Can someone willing to give their own heart and soul be enough instead of the Zoipan?"

Mars will probably answer among the lines of:
"Even though I was willing to give him all of me as easily as with a single touch and to exhaustion and with reciprocity that was almost painful, I could persevere but... he did save my life, and I owed him to make him capable to live as any human to the degree he'd even forget he was dead enable him to smile as if him dying was only a dream, but upon meeting her I realized the best way to do so would maybe be if it was her to give him life...
it hurt but if I wanted to truly make up to him for my life he saved it'd be only selfish of me to say I was enough...
now I see I could never be enough, or make him joyous to be alive as she does, cause that wasn't my job to perform..."

I just have no idea what is it she'll say to that...
I get what she's up to She's something else trying to feel out how Mar's feel's about not being Nate's I forgot what there called .Although she knows Marshall is Hayden's she still holding on for dear life Melissa has been since a long time now gotten on my nerve's she's only thinking of herself not about what's best for Hayden .Like it didn't nearly kill Mars to give up on Nate she knows how Mars feels about Nate because she's the same with Hayden she better hope that Hayden doesn't find out that she knew all this time and was keeping it from him .
@BurstThrough Wow that's way better than what I wrote. I just have them say stupid shit lol
@raziesgirl I can not comment on this but I'll just say that I like your comment *smirk*
@Tamerlane: Well I said "among those lines"(cause I know Mars wouldn't talk in this Devoto like monologue I made) but if you want to use that I'd be honored!
justin think she going to tell mars he's Hayden's Zoipan

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