Chapter 9: Page 30


February 12th, 2015, 6:24 pm

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I knew she was fishing I don't know what this girl will do but I think that what she decides has a lot to do with what Marshall has to say .
I love how Mars' can be compared to hers let's see:
(I love him+I'd go any extra mile for him)-(He doesn't really love me+he has someone that is PERFECT for him+he saved me costing his own life+I don't know how good of a trophy I am as I collapse always and he barely smiles when with me)=I'd only be selfish of me to keep him.

I'd say it's slightly harder for her to consider as she doesn't have the last 2 problems(or maybe kinda has the 2nd not being that good of a trophy as Dio says she kinda stinks) but she likes him, is a bit shallow and knows Mars' not a flight risk so can take her time debating if she can be enough or not.

What makes me curious most is what qualifies a bad trophy as Mars fainting a lot may come form his over selfless nature giving his all in an instant and Melissa due to her shallow personality makes her resilient in draining making it that she gives little energy upon contact so it's a necessity for things to "go further" than making out.I could be wrong but that's what makes me most curious...
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