Chapter 9: Page 34


February 22nd, 2015, 2:48 pm

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:O "Aside from the whole you being gay thing, and me keeping your boyfriend for myself we should totally hook up."
Am I the only one that's liking her even a little?

(She likes Hayden)+(He treats her like shit)=She can take as long as she wants

As Hayden tries to be happy(or at least satisfied) in her expense, she's simply doing the same...
At least she's trying in her head to make Mars the person that makes worth that Hayden is happy at her expense cause Mars is a good person and if his soul mate is maybe Hayden by establishing a good relationship she may be able to let got, cause in her eyes Hayden may not deserve the "perfect" person and she's being the best she can...

At least Nate didn't took Mars for granted and didn't want to just use him
I'm sorry but I can not sympathize with Melissa First I don't think that Hayden is mean or disrespectful of Melissa at all because she knew from the beginning that he didn't have those types of feelings for her .What some need to remember is that he did die because of her and she's not his girlfriend and she knows this she's trying to force something that's just not there and never will be . And the sad thing is that she's gonna end up doing something desperate that will do more harm than good .
Died cause of her?
I though the reason he died was simply a mystery as Hayden stated himself...

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