Chapter 9: Page 41


March 21st, 2015, 8:38 pm

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Ohoh Don't get it wrong Melissa, it's just some brotherly love (well... I hope so) ;_;
I'm so sorry but I hate Jace >_< I'm pretty sure he's the one molesting baby Mars in his sleep :'(
HaydenxMars forever (sorry Melissa)! Why ins't Mars his Zoipan? :(

*herm* I started to read your comic yesterday and i'm already in love :D

Sorry for my english ^^'
@AliceIWL: He most likely is(90% certainty) as Melissa got shocked when she met him.
Me and someone named raziesgirl were discussing a few pages back why she hasn't told neither of them yet...
@BurstThrough: I agree that her behavior around Mars is strange...
Knowing that and being friendly with Mars is mean (even if she's in love with Hayden) :(
Well I hope she's going to tell them soon :)
Oh what What have you figured out or guessed Melissa it's probably correct but than again you could be totally wrong . Seeing as how desperate you are for Mars to hook up with just about anyone other than Hayden
justin think she figured it out

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