Chapter 10: Page 10


July 7th, 2015, 3:33 pm

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That's her trofy?Why wasn't he introduced before?
Seems like Ana doesn't show her true collors near the hosts...
Now I want to know if Mars tasted good to Nathan.
Some how Dio's mom is rubbing me the wrong way . Known I know why I don't like Dio he act's like his mom not my cup of tea I don't like that kind of personality they remind me of people with loose morals .Not saying that's how they are but yes I'm also really surprised that she an Dio shared the same trophy Eww I thought her husband would be her trophy .This makes me wonder if she stole Dio's trophy is she one of those types of mothers controlling and manipulative I'm getting a bad vibe from her just like I did with Dio .

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