Chapter 11: Page 28


December 22nd, 2015, 12:00 am

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Dammit Jace, you done did it now
You just dun goofed my dear son, goddamnit look what you did now. You literally traumatized 'ol Mars bby and just when he thought he was going to have a stable family life... his fucking step-brother tries to rape or sexually assaults him "claiming hey it's okay to do these things" you know what I never liked Jace, okay? Not even for Mars so he can't fuck off. I just want Mars to be happy...not sad.
Wow Jace are you for real . Why doesn't Mar's want to do it with you
1.your stepbrothers
2.He doesn't like you like that
3.Mar's told you to STOP AND NO means NO you DICK.
justin please back off now

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