Chapter 11: Page 29


December 22nd, 2015, 8:00 am

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Goddamnit, I thought you learned son! That's a natural fucking reaction, even if he hated it his lower body part says fucking otherwise! Mars, in this situation yell as loud as you can, okay? Well you can try to at least. And yes show him no mercy to fuck with him and assaulting you, he deserves it and he clearly isn't thinking right in this situation. Now run my boy and don't ever look back, you run straight to your room okay or to Nate's house?
Poor Mars, I think he is too scared to scream, Jut run and go to Nate's. Call your parents something. I am really suprised how villianous the other is. I can't even say his name because I'm so mad at him
So what does Jace think Will happen after the assault WHAT? that Mar's will just let it go ? . You know when I saw the storyline heading this way I wondered how you where gonna incorporate Jace's growing attraction to Mar's . There where many way's that you could of handled it so I'm just gonna sit back and see how the story progresses . But I knew that it would be hard to watch you know that you have something special when your readers get all worked up don't you. Anyway Happy holidays I'll be waiting for more .
justin Intruder Alert FIRE FIRE

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