Chapter 11: Page 30


December 26th, 2015, 3:42 pm

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A non-romanticized depiction of sexual assault in a bl comic?? Dayum!
Oh god, this just got very freaky.
...Ohgod, no. Something is up, Jace.. is up to something. This is--it just got very creepy.
OH MY GOD SO HE'S THE ONE Jace is the one who has been sexually assaulting Mar's in his sleep he probably saw Mar's feeding Nate and misinterpreted it as them having a sexual relationship . That's why he thought that Mar was gay why he thought that Mar's would want to do it with him is just bizarre oh and by the way WHAT A BOMB I thought it was Nate's cousin sneaking in at night doing that GOOD LORD THIS BITCH .
@raziesgirl: I actually had a feeling it was Jace and I agree with you on this one! Man, fucking Jace! DX
poor Mars and bad Jace for assaulting him at night like that!

Dammit, no, I wanted to like you but your a fucking dirtbag!!!!
justin suspect apprehended now. Get Him out of here
I waS roOtIng fOr hiM BUT THeN he GOt rapEy and nOt Ok

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