Chapter 11: Page 31


January 21st, 2016, 11:27 pm

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Yeah, seriously Jace what the FUCK is wrong with you?! You know I never liked you, you know? And when you did that to poor Mars that just proves my point. How dare you!
Jace needs therapy and plenty of videos of how to act to people
For me I wonder if Something similar happened to Jace I say this because for him to do this to someone he barely knows is just weird . None the less his new stepbrother plus he even seems not to know why he did what he did or does he just not want to face the fact that what he did can't be justified . So I'm thinking that whatever happened to Jace was either to traumatic that Jace couldn't cope with it and developed some kind of mental problem .
justin i pity him
i said pity him it doesn't mean to put you weapons down. eyes front

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