Chapter 11: Page 37


January 27th, 2016, 8:36 pm

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That guy deserves atleast a beating, Mars is too kind.
Hayden is 100% right! Mars, seriously, it's unsafe, if he "isn't his usual self" once it's bound to happen again. Stay with Hayden, he'll protect you.
the face in that first panel is both perfect and priceless!
He molests you in your sleep! He's exactly his usual self!!

Crap I get the feeling Mars didn't catch that tidbit when jace said it, I guess he was too traumatized by the assault to rly hear anything else :(
Mar's has got to be seriously Confused he might even think that he might have done something that set Jace off or sent him the wrong signal .
justin F*** THAT MARS!

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