Chapter 11: Page 47


February 1st, 2016, 3:57 pm

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Ohh, you generous 'lil cutie Mars ahhh<3 Damn, do I love you~
Yes, stay Hayden. Stay and share the bed. Cuddling is good for the soul. And my little shipper heart. Then of course if Nate comes back and sees you he can get jealous. Because he deserves it. Please oh please.
Yeah! Please feel free to stay. All we're thankful to you Mars!

Btw I said already that I love this comic very much ?
justin :) then just share
You know Mar's is still Shook up Hayden don't rescue Mar's than abandon him when he's like this . Although I'm thinking Hayden is probably trying to give Mar's some space after what happened .

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