Chapter 12: Page 02


February 20th, 2016, 3:46 pm

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So.. Like.. Just read this thing twice... (Had to do a bit of internet searching to find the rest, but totally worth it)
The concept for this is hugely amazing! And I didn't really realize I was starting at chapter nine, but I still managed to figure things out by the end. And that's really cool, because those series are the best one and are super adaptable for different types of readers. I've met maybe 3 other webcomics where you can pick it up and read it wherever, but it still has a linear plot that builds on itself. Combine that with the hugely amazing concept that actually really works, and doesn't have any if any holes in its workings, I'm actually really in love with this way more than I thought I'd be on first glance. Thank you!
@DianaJones: you can also read the beginning on their profile. They just delete the pages once they're fully colored and added to the actual story.
@Riaya: Oh wow, thank you! I feel a little dumb for not thinking to do that before. ^-^;
@DianaJones: Ah yes it probably would have been easier if I put it all in the same place but I thought that suddenly having pencil pages would be unnerving so like @Riaya said, I update the actual comic once I color the pages (which is hardly ever). Sorry for the confusion. It's happened to a lot of people but I'm glad to hear that you were still able to follow along with it despite starting at chapter 9. Thanks for reading guys!!!
justin who was that
@justw894: oh it's just Hayden. Sorry that it's unclear

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