Chapter 12: Page 23


April 19th, 2016, 7:54 pm

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I followed this comic a long time ago on an old account and just came across it again today - I'm so glad that it's still going! I still really love the story and it's really cool to see how much your art has improved too!
justin @midgart: respect
@midgart: Hey I know you! I follow you on tumblr. Thanks for sticking around. I'm glad to know I'm getting better. Can you believe this comic is 10 years old!!!!!?

Thanks for all the comments everyone and for reading. You're such troopers!!!
@Tamerlane: ah! that's so neat! It's hard to believe it's that old tbh it makes me feel old lol BUT I'm glad you've stuck with it!!
justin im going to miss dio
Something tells me That Dio is gonna stick around for a little while longer and his father is not gonna like that at all .

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