Chapter 12: Page 29


May 10th, 2016, 11:12 am

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Everything is going according to my plan Just kidding but not really I'm loving how this is going although I know that it's not their happy ending yet . Cause there's that girl that Hayden gets his energy from she's still holding on for dear life than we still have Jace who I'm sure is gonna try something else . And let's not forget Dio whom I'm sure will be in the mix and I can't wait to see the brothers reaction to how close Mar's and Hayden become .
@raziesgirl: Everything is yes with your comment. I'm so hoping that Mars ends up with Hayden, but a part of me is still holding on for Nate to come back because Mars is probably still in love with him.
justin @raziesgirl: ending in sight but storms other horizon. how brilliant you are

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