Chapter 12: Page 34


May 11th, 2016, 7:40 pm

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This is all I've ever wanted from this story!! I'm so glad that Hayden isn't just swooping in on Mars but he's certainly not denying that he wants to kiss him. Please Mars fall for Hayden! Thank you for such an amazing comic!!
this is the part where he says someone elses name and hayden is crushed...
@lovelessbutterfly: .... O_O
justin this seed will blossom in time but when it does it will be the pride of the Spring.
Ohhh an indirect kiss Well I'm happy know don't ruin it Mar's by calling out Nate's name . Well that's kind of excetpible it being Nate and all considering and even Dio knowing how he's always trying to kiss Mar and almost triggered an incident even worse Jace yikes you know because of Mar's trama .

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