Chapter 12: Page 39


May 11th, 2016, 10:00 pm

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These two are gonna be the death of me! I swear it! I'm actually really proud of Hayden for not taking the offered smooch, especially since Mars ended up saying Nate's name, but it's pretty freakin' obvious that he wants to. All that blushing!! And hey, if anything, they're both getting plenty of sleep together. I really really REALLY hope for some sort of real kiss between these two soon! I'm also SUPER excited to see what's in story for the next chapter!
justin same
Woah mega update, spoiled today.
First all of these pages The lord must have known that I've been sticking to my workout kinda sorta and has rewarded me . But seriously this was awesome thank you know I can't wait until the next chapter starts .
@raziesgirl: that "kinda sorta" is me all the time

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