Chapter 13: Page 11


July 14th, 2016, 3:31 pm

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Them big eyes though. *Silence* You here's the sound of his heart. Doki Doki Doki
Aww!! See he can be nice!! I feel bad that I thought it was Duo who was messing with him while he was sleeping!! I'm so sorry for not liking him during that time!!
I do to I'm starting to see Dio in a different light than before to me he was way to aggressive towards Mar's and not in a romantic way . Like in a sexually harrassment way which turned me off to him plus Dio is way more sexually experienced than Mar's who has yet to have any real experience .
Except for when Mar's is being sexually molested in his sleep by Jace and that's not any real experience also Mar's was and is still in love with Nate so yeah to me Dio was being inconsiderate and pushy to Mar's at those times so that was a big NO for me too . In those instances were Dio was forcing kisses on Mar's and wanted more even before Nate hooked up with that girl I was like what the hell is wrong with him I know that Dio is a special case but I still didn't like it .But known I can see that he must really like Mar's and wants Mar's to like him back .
justin we're ok

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