Chapter 13: Page 14


July 19th, 2016, 11:55 pm

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But that just makes Mars even more adorable
I think what Dio is trying to say is Mars is meant for Hayden. Yeah sure Mars is no longer Nate's trofy and Penny is Nate's Zoipan but I can tell that Mars is a Zoipan himself because Hayden is energized with him and he secretly likes Mars even though he's teasing him.
@Trisha Anne: yes!! I totally agree!! Mars is Haydens Zopain how ever you spell it!!
Mars and Hayden are so great together. I've been wanting them to get together since the start. MAN I LOVE THIS ART STYLE.
Dio lay it all out for him or else Hayden and him will never hook up!!
@yasha.queen: Agreed! Actually I didn't like Penny at first because she's taking Nate away from him but throughout the chapters Jace is the real jerk who almost rape mars. I think Mars is a Zoipan himself because most of the chapters he hangs out with Hayden most of the time and he looks energized if you notice. Hayden cares about Mars the whole time...Jace only wants to be Mars Stepbrother is because he wants to be close to Mars is a bad way by just molesting Mars in his sleep.
@Trisha Anne: i dont think Jace almost raped Mars i think he id. Any unwanted advances on a sexual level is inappropriate. Period.
@yasha.queen: Agreed. Rape is totally evil and disgusting even in incestious way! I wonder what will happen if Jace sees Mars in this chapter?
@Trisha Anne: all the boys would jump jace at the first sign of bad touch!!
justin Hyde likes you mars

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