Chapter 13: Page 19


July 21st, 2016, 9:19 pm

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For now on, I'm rooting for Dio!
@filiasan: I think Dio and Jace are two different people. Dio is a double Skonoman he just like's to know what a trofy smells like that's why he acts sexually to Mars and of course he wouldn't abuse Mars at all cost he just likes to tease him that's all but for Jace you may notice in the chapters he wanted Mars all for himself like Melissa talking to Mars and Jace telling her off, Jace pouting at Mars because he never spend time with Jace and as you may see Jace is actually harming Mars. If Dio is really like Jace then the approach is different.
I want Mars to be with Hayden. But I like seeing Dio being nice to Mars too.

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