Chapter 13: Page 24


July 29th, 2016, 9:38 pm

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So I just want to mention, since the last page seemed a little more mysterious than I intended, most of the rules that have been outlined about skonomans and trofies so far still hold true. I want to remind everyone, since there's been a lot of speculation, mainly about Hayden and Mars, that Mars is not a trofy anymore therefore his energy is not going to be drained by anyone (Dio being the only exception but it is minimal).

You'll understand more later on but Mars was just reacting to being touched by Nate which he has been conscious about for a while and you'll see where it's all leading to in the next couple of pages.

Anyway just wanted to explain in case people were getting confused or scared lol. Feel free to ask anything if you don't understand.
Tamerlane, July 29th, 2016, 9:38 pm Reply
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@Tamerlane: that does explain it. So that was genuine nerves. Hayden needs to help Mars forget his crush.
Will anyone find out? @Tamerlane: I was wondering will there be anyone who will find out about Jace's actions towards Mars other than Hayden and Dio?
@Trisha Anne: Well I can't really comment on the future but currently only Hayden, Kevin (Jace's dad) Mars' mom, and well, Jace know what really happened. Everyone else, including Dio, believe it was a fight, deciding themselves if it was with fists or verbal because they did not press Mars for details and I'll just say that no one feels the need to ask him about it.
@Tamerlane: I see...
justin @Tamerlane: thanks
OHHH I GET IT KNOWN Thanks I get it Mar's feelings for Nate are still to fresh well I'm sure it's gonna take some time for Mar's to get over Nate . But is it just me or is Nate just not that into his girlfriend I just don't get that vibe from them maybe they got together to fast .

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