Chapter 14: Page 04


September 2nd, 2016, 11:19 pm

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Damn... Say you were reaching for something on the other side of him!
yes this is so great
The last panel Mars seems to be shocked by Haydens closeness.
@yasha.queen: Oops! It's supposed to be Hayden in the last panel. I made it a little clearer. Thanks for pointing it out.
@Tamerlane: There's a definitive change in how the page feels now. You can see Hayden back pedaling to try and explain himself!! I wonder what Mars will say?? Or will this push their possible relationship onto a back burner??
Okay known how you gonna talk your way out of this . This is some kind of dream right RIGHT ? maybe well if not someone's got some explaining to do RIGHT HAYDEN . How your gonna get out of this mess I hope that there's something on the other side of Mar's that Hayden can fake he's getting .
justin what can you say

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