Chapter 14: Page 05


September 3rd, 2016, 6:50 pm

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the amount of salt in that last panel is unbearable.
It is obvious Hayden does not want to loose his snuggle bear. They are finally getting close to accepting each other, which means they can finally know that Mars is Hayden's Zoipan. I can not wait to see how Melissa will react to them sleeping together... mwhahahaha.
Well, Hayden, tonight if Mars does move into another room. You go get him even if he has to carried over your shoulder. (Btw slap that ass if he does!) but you can be gentle and carry him bridal style!! Then toss him on your bed. Mars will probably look confused. At this time I hope you're snuggled up close and finally kiss him. But hey you do what ever you want!! I'll still root for you!!
Awww Hayden it's alright Take it slow but not to slow Dio is a definite contender for Mar's affection after he finally gets over Nate don't pussy out known keep it calm and Kool .
justin disappointed

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