Chapter 14: Page 26


November 13th, 2016, 12:33 pm

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I'm really impressed with Hayden here. He is the one person who really thinks about how things affect Mars and who goes out of his way to address them. It's a pronounced contrast with Nate who used Mars as a trofy without getting consent and then has been so busy with his own life that Mars gets squeezed out. But, what really makes this comic stand out, is that both characters are more nuanced than that. Hayden clearly uses Melissa and breaks her heart while Nate wants to spend more time with Mars but life is pulling him away. This is just such a great story. Thanks.
@Auldr: I don't think Hayden uses her. She knows what it is between her and Hayden and that's not a full-fledged relationship. And if Nate wanted to spend more time with Mars he'd make time. I have no love for Nate at the moment when it comes to Nate and his actions towards Mars.
justin Please talk to him about everything even... if you need to

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