Chapter 14: Page 33


November 17th, 2016, 8:03 pm

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I'm not sure whose more surprised by that lovely kiss. On another note, it's only 12 something in the morning and Mars has already had an exciting day.
Does Hayden feel anything from the kiss?? Like I've been suspecting that Mars is his Zopan!! So that kiss should have been like a zinger!!
@yasha.queen: Sadly, I believe because Melissa is Haden’s current trofy nothing will really happen. (At least on energy transfer level. That does not mean that Haden cannot be turned on at the moment and want to ravish Mars, wink wink. But he is a gentleman and does not want to be like Mars’ step brother and will back off, sigh) Remember Nate had to release Mars before he could take Penny as his Zoipan.

Hopefully Melissa will cave soon and tell Haden the truth.
@yuffierikku: I hope it's soon!!
justin @yuffierikku: agreed
I know!!! I really want to know if they feel that anything special too T^T
Well someone has slipped And let their true feelings show (Hayden) know how will Mar's react ?
justin don't get weird Mars

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