Chapter 14: Page 34


November 18th, 2016, 12:26 am

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GO FOR IT-- yell all the fan girls
I always say: Just do it!
Mars is shocked because he never thought of Hayden that way. And I'm sure he is worried about what Mellissa will think. Mar's isn't a homewrecker!!
I had to read a few pages back. First I didn't know that Hayden girlfriend was Melissa. Than I was thinking, I think Mars belongs to someone. I was thinking Jace, but after he ran away and was scared, it might not be Jace. I assume they get attracted to each other if it's meant to be.
Oh I hope it all goes okay. lol I'm nervous.
Melissa not a gf. She knows that, Hayd knows that and Mars also knows that. So no problemo.
Jesus, that boy can not get a break with all the people wanting to get down his pants.
justin Dang

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