Chapter 14: Page 35


November 19th, 2016, 3:05 pm

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The reason I love and hate this. I love that they are messing around but hate that he has to pretend its nate
@inuyashagrl23: Same! That part just ruins this awesome pair.:(
Indeed. Ruins the mood.
The young are easily confused!!
Given the colour change on the text, it looks like Hayden is mimicking Nate's voice. If that's the case he's walking a line between acknowledging his own desire for Mars and catering to Mars' desire for Nate. Perhaps he's being kind, perhaps he's not sure Mars will accept him as a love interest right now and so needs to give him the fantasy of Nate.
omg just don't u dare to tell him that!
Dun dun dun! I reread the series, mainly because I had forgotten who Melissa was. I think Mars is Hayden's Zoipan! The way she looked when she first met him and the fact that she's in love with Hayden...I think she knows that Mars is Hayden's Zoipan and that she's keeping it a secret so she can stay with Hayden longer!
But-but Diooooo
Okay were is this leading Don't go to far Hayden you shouldn't have to pretend that your Nate to get Mar's to take you serious this is uncomfortable to read .
justin frustration

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