Chapter 14: Page 40


November 26th, 2016, 10:55 pm

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Wooooo! I still totally think that Mars is his Zoipan!!!!!!! And soooo hoooot!
@Miranell: I've suspected that for a while but so far no confirmation!! Maybe Hayden's Trophy will walk in on them.
@yasha.queen: I'll feel bad for her but at the same time I'll be hoping that Mars will realize how much better Hayden is for him!
@Miranell: you feel sorry for her. I think she deserves it. She was mean to Mars in the beginning. And I think that's because she recognized Mars as Hayden's Zopain!!
@Miranell: I think they'll keep going and when they realise that mars isn't passing out (because he is his zopian) and they can keep going they will stop. Mars will realize that there is no way that he can be or act like nate since they can go all the way and won't really know what to do because I don't thing he has done anything more than kissing with nate... Or someone can interrupt them and we'll have to wait haha
@roxsg: True but they can kiss other people without it draining them as long as they have a Trophy. Since Hayden has a Trophy already him kissing Mars won't affect either of them. He'd have to turn Mars into his Trophy first. Uwaaaah we need updates to know for sure!!! I'm dying here!
poor Hayden
justin i like but i feel a little sad though
dying here !___!

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