Chapter 15: Page 03


January 18th, 2017, 8:13 pm

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No, this is too sad. What they are doing is hurtful to both of them. It's really upsetting.
hmm i guess im a little confused about something.. but if mars is actually haydens zoipan then wouldnt them hooking up make that clear to hayden?? like isnt it something hes supposed to be able to tell once hes kissed his zoipan???

this would be pretty sad if he has those feelings for mars and it turns out mars isnt his zoipan :(

also yea this situation in general is kinda harmful for both of them if mars is continuing to pretend its nate and hayden is allowing that just for the chance to makeout with mars.. which is def the case atm since hes still calling him 'marshall' :(

EDIT: wait!! its actually mars that should be able to tell right?? since he wouldnt pass out or lose a ton of energy in which case i could understand more now if he didnt realize since they seem to be doing it right before bed each night so hes technically knocking out right after anyway
@Metric_muse: they can't tell coz Hayde has that girl
@nirra: so if Hayden broke the connection with her he would feel the difference!! Wow that's a trip!! And I'm dying to see if Mars passes out!! I don't think he will. But while the girl come over in the morning and see them cuddling. Or better yet will she walk in on them right now. Then she'll run away. Hayden will chase after her but she'll demand that they end it.
@yasha.queen: why wood Hayden chase after her? I think he dont care about her
@nirra: I think he feels obligated to her and would want to explain
@Metric_muse: yeah just wanted to clarify, since a lot of people have thought the same thing. But Mars would have to become Hayden's trofy in order for Hayden or Mars to feel any effects.
The only one who can treat regular humans like trofies is Dio. So Mars & Hayden are making out like two regular humans here.
@Tamerlane: aahh ok thanks for the clarification ;)
justin I don't like that there's a complication but i'm not leaving this joy ride either.

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