Chapter 15: Page 29


February 18th, 2017, 9:12 pm

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Wow. What a bitch!! I don't like her. I bet this is her first relationship. Does she even realize that she's coming off as pushy and rude. Will Nate put up with that behavior?? He should tell her to record the show and they'll watch it later. He's spending time with his friend now!!
@yasha.queen: I doubt he'll do that. Nate is just going to go along with Penny and Mars most likely(feeling like a third wheel) will leave the two alone to enjoy their "date".
Nate is so oblivious and won't realize that Mars was uncomfortable.

At this point, I just really want Mars to move on and find his own happiness whether it be with Hayden or someone else.
@chummiichum: that's why I don't like Nate. And even Hayden isn't perfect. He's about to dump the chick who's been taking care of him with out giving it a second thought. But I still like Hayden the best!! He's gonna eventually be good for Mars.
I have a feeling Hayden might punch Nate for ditching Mars even though its not his fault but he also shouldn't be such a doormat when it comes to penny!
No Mars, the greedy one is Penny. I am so angry with Nate for allowing this to keep happening.
Bebe ;_; Mars is a precious cinnamon roll who is too good for this world. Too pure.
justin You've been so patient

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