Chapter 15: Page 32


February 20th, 2017, 11:23 pm

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:O !!!
Ha! I knew it
Oh my god. Is this for real or is it the classic misunderstanding? I can totally imagine Penny somehow did it on purpose in order to make sure Nate stays with her. Considering the way she acts it's not that far-fetched I think.
Btw, thanks for always giving us such regular updates :)
that is... i'll go die somewhere
I quit I'm walking out bye I can't take this ┬░walks out, comes back and waits quietly for the next update┬░
I must say if it is Penny that is pregnant this is one of the nicer ways to find out. I am sure that it would have been harder if he found out in an announcement. Plus she should see a doctor for a second test, sometimes home pregnancy tests are wrong.
What a shocking turn of events!! If I were him I wouldn't say a word. But I have this feeling it's just gonna slip out!!
justin 'o'!

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