Chapter 15: Page 34


February 21st, 2017, 11:05 pm

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I agree. Cant stand it.
how can Nate stand her? This is killing me
But, really .. poor Nate! Yikes. I can understand his wanting to have his zoipan, and I'm sure that is making him make excuses for everything. Once he really sees and accepts everything he's going to have a rough time. Letting go of the dreams of childhood is always hard.
There's really something unlikable about her. I can't tell if she's purposely obnoxious or not though.
Even knowing that Hayden's "girlfriend" is withholding important information from him, I still kind of like her. She's not really a bad person deep down, despite how frustrating she makes the situation. But Penny, I can't like no matter what.
What a frustrating situation

Anda isnt like he can do something about
Is better move forward
justin [exhale]

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