Chapter 15: Page 42


February 25th, 2017, 8:34 pm

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Me : "Nooo! Don't use Hayden like that! You both deserve better!"
Also Me : "YEAH, BOY! GET SOME!"
@FluffyRhino: this is also me
Wonder if this time Hayden's girl will walk in on them?? Will they go all the way?? Will Mars moan Nates name??
@yasha.queen: I was so excited i didnt even think of that happening, and now Im dreading it! I feel pain in my heart just imagining it.
@silvsevie: well she has to find out somehow!!
Ah shit! I knew it.
I just know Mars is Hayden's zopian! I hope they both find out soon >w<
justin I've never seen a smooth path to the happy end
Holy shit I need more D:
^0^ hey author you are going to continue this RIGHT???!!!! It's getting real good. I hope Mars ships with Hayden!!!!
@Luckyluve2100: Yes, updates are on their way!
They just look strange, Mars is much too small, he looks like a child, your story is nice but that makes me feel weird I don't wanna be a pedophile. I don't understand, you don't wanna make a reversible couple ok, but you don't have to make the uke too cute!

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